[Onkey-Drabble] I love you the way you love me

Cr: Serenade~ tumblr

Onkey : Onew & Key [SHINee]

Genre : fluff, romance, little comedy (maybe, ill try ==”)

Summary: Onew hanya ingin mengeluarkan isi kepalanya yang random tentang Key, dan kata-katanya itu , sama persis dengan tingkahnya, sama-sama sangtae ==”

Foreword: Man, gue buruk banget buat summary, just read and leave comment deh! OH, ini drabble sodara” … jadi jangan bilang KEPENDEKAN! dan NO SEQUEL. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “[Onkey-Drabble] I love you the way you love me

  1. it si a sweet story,isn’t it…???
    tersembunyi tp real…
    suka bgt sm kata2 di endingnya….

    Yeah, love is simple as that.

    You dont need to demand anything from your lover.

    You just need to love him like the way he loves you

  2. asdfghjkl maniss banget kaka.
    perutku geli kalo onkii udah mulai gombal2an
    hihi onew kesannya jadi manja bnget sama key </3
    saya harap *seperti harapan oks lain* kalo kejadian begini emang nyata at their dorm story . ninja couple is real without overfanservice

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